Alternative Investment Fund Management

Scandinavian Invest Management Ltd is a licensed Investment Manager. Operating in the field of alternative investment fund management we are providing our investors with advises to invest in our offered products. In this way our investors can diversify into a selection of investment products that best suit their risk profile. As a result our major objective is to allow for a risk profile that best ensures the economical goals of our clients over time.

We offer our investment products to professional and sophisticated investors. As a typical alternative provider our offering includes both hedge funds, real estate and private equity. Thus, the investors can diversify into a set of products that maintains their desired risk profile. In other words, our major objective is to provide an investment offering where the adjusted risk profile maintains the expected growth over time. Consistent growth will always be our primary focus.

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Investment Solutions

Offering alternative investment solutions for professional and sophisticated investors. Investment products includes hedge funds, real estate and private equity.

Alternative Asset Classes

Alternative asset classes included is real estate, private equity and liquid market products. Diversification for investors according to risk and economical projections.

Trading Strategies

A combination of long- and short-term investment strategies allows our investors to adjust their risk profile in order to maintain consistent and long term growth.

Risk Diversification

A collection of investment products containing different risk parameters. In this way it allows for our investors to tailor a risk diversification that best suits them.

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Prospective Fund Management Solutions

Scandinavian Invest Management offers a wider set of alternative investment classes. Thus, to manage alternative investment solutions requires both knowledge and experience. This is why we have set together an experienced team handling each single asset class. This is how our investors will experience the best quality of fund management independent of how their assets are diversified. As a result the fundament for long term growth is made independent of the type of portfolio. Our objective is to provide expertise and excellence in advising for any asset class.

Expansion of growth and value is always the major success-factors. In terms of liquid markets the key is to take benefit of the market movements. This is often related to immediate price actions and requires a trading system who handles any important situation. In this way, expansion of growth is represented by an investment vehicle staying in daily liquidity. Consequently it provides more liquid assets into a portfolio but also to a higher risk. The investment offering also includes asset-classes with lower risk. Real estate and private equity solutions represents a lower risk diversification. The perspective for investing is on longer term. Thus, any investment can be adjusted and suited to any investors risk profile and perspectives for investing.

In this way we have tailored our investment offering to meet the economical projections of our investors. For potential investors who requires more information about our offering, please take contact!